We are all different. I love finding in every person their own unique style day by day I try to get it back in the making of a hairstyle and to shape it my own world.

My goal is to make personal and individual hairstyle. I always try to do something new and try to amend my techniques. I'm constantly training myself, I've participated in I.DOO's modern wedding hairstyle education, BRAID.ME education where I learned beautiful braids & twists, Ive learned foreign training and learned a lot of practice on the Mercedes-benz fashion week, for example, that how can remake different styles in minutes. For me it is the greatest confirmation when my guest is looking into the mirror and I see the half smile, smile on her face and she says that yes, that's really me, that's what I was dreaming of. As a hairdresser, I always thought it important to make a hairstyle that is always pleasing and beautiful, and most of all, suited to my guests.

I dont like very tight, rigid things. I like open-minded people. Of course, I do wedding hairs.

Usually, it starts with a call or email from the bride and talk about what kind of wedding she plans, how looks like her dress, I get to know brides a little bit before we talk about the hair she plans, that helps me to suggest some hairstyles what the bride will choose for the big day."

Tial hair for brides: 15.000 HUF
Wedding Hairstyle on the Big Day: 30.000 HUF
Hair for female guests: 8.000 HUF

Pick-up fee in Budapest: 5000 HUF
Pick-up fee outside Budapest: by appointment